There is this great and famous saying from way, way back in the day, and even then, robots were already spinning about here and there. Of course there was much for men and women to fear back then, and even today, there’s an ill wind blowing. But it has nothing to do with the robots. The old man basically said that the only thing to fear is fear itself. And robotic surgery is also helping to allay the fears that patients might have had.

It is just that since the Industrial Revolution, well, you could go even further back, since time immemorial, products, tools and their technologies, have not always been used for good intentions. Today, however, it is a completely different story. There are rules and regulations, industrial trade laws, that cross the borders, that prevent the ill-use of all those wonderful inventions and innovations.

Robotic technologies and its tools and materials have not escaped the eyes of the custodians either. It must be more than sixty years ago already; robotic technologies have been utilised with great success in the automobile and military/industrial industries. Today, they are being used even more vigorously within the health services industries, being used particularly well for surgical purposes. Today’s patients really have nothing to fear from robotic surgery.

robotic surgery

It is not as though robots will be operating on them single-handedly. The input and manipulation of qualified specialist surgeons are still required to make sure that the surgery is a great success. No surgeon who has not been properly trained to use the robotic technologies will be allowed to operate the robotic arms. Finally, the surgical success rates are a lot higher than the conventional practices of the past.

They yield accurate diagnoses and are a lot less invasive than before.